Ghost Hunting on Halloween Night

Ghost Hunting on Halloween Night

Pennsylvania, United States, was busy hunting down a ghost tour on Halloween night. They target the army of a supposedly ghost is often seen, either with the naked eye or camera lens. City Gettysburgh, Penssylvania, is the main goal of the team's impromptu ghost hunter. Led by a tour guide, they walked all the way Dwight Stoutzenberger known haunted exactly at midnight.

Ann Griffith, a tour guide who guides the ghost hunters, it is said that the attraction of the lovers fear that with Gettysburgh into the gold fields of the tourism bureau business owners. Over 16 years experience, Ann has been seen wandering spirits that often caught the eye, Hollywood Halloween Costumes Ideas.

"The ghost soldiers roaming around Dwight Road menyadarai Stoutzenberger not that they are dead," said Ann. "Many of them do not know they were dead. Many of them still think they are fighting the biggest battle of their lives."

Civil war that occurred in 1863 killed thousands of soldiers, to haunt the whole point of the city. That's what makes Gettysburg occupies the top position of the haunted places in the United States.

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