Twitter Attacked by Hackers

Twitter Attacked by Hackers

Twitter Attacked by "Hackers". Twitter recognizes the existence of a hacker attack on its website on Tuesday (21/09/2010). However, these attacks have now been successfully resolved and is not to shut down its services.

"We are identifying and seeking to address an offensive type of XSS (cross site scripting)," the statement on the blog StatusTwitter. Blog Twitter and update his report that the attack had been completely overcome and the site returned to normal work.

Previously, the social media site Mashable reported, thousands of Twitter users who access these services through a website mikrobloging disrupted. As a result of the attack, the Twitter web site was suddenly diverted to other sites that are not desired.

Worse, the transfer is done with the rough because only with mouseover or drag the mouse movement. That way, visitors suddenly taken to another site. These attacks using JavaScript, called onMouseOver.

The attack only experienced users accessing Twitter through the website. The attacks do not interfere with users who access it via third party applications like TweetDeck and the like.

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  1. ternyata bukan hanya fb saja yang rentan hacker....untung gak pakai twitter...cukup fb sajalah