Starring Lee Minho 'City Hunter' Korean version!

Starring Lee Minho 'City Hunter' Korean version!

Lee Minho handsome actor has been chosen to play a major role in the upcoming drama titled 'City Hunter'. Surprise, it turns out that the role will be played it is a playboy! A few days ago (13 September), Lee Minho company revealed that the actor will portray Lee Yung Jong characters in the drama 'City Hunter'. For this drama, Lee Minho will turn into a silly playboy who does not know what to do when he saw a beautiful woman, but secretly, he is also a hero who saved the townspeople from the life of the metropolis that hard. In solving the case, he slowly began to heal emotional wounds, and a broader understanding about love and family.

'City Hunter' which itself is a drama based on a cartoon with the same title written by Tsukasa Hojo. Gives a chance in the second half of the 1980s, this ridiculous story about the detective took place in Tokyo. The main character, Ryo Saeba, handle a case at the request of a beautiful woman and solve the puzzle cases one by one. The story was developed and collected a lot of popularity. However, this is the first time in 13 years, the story is elevated to the television screen as a drama.

According to a staff representative, 'City Hunter' has received bids to be processed into drama of world-class directors and famous actors, but because the original author only wants perfection in a dramatization, it has several claims, which caused a lot of these bids failed.

And this time Lee Minho apparently successful, with the appearance of male as well as equipped with a refreshing energy, so that successfully meet the demands of the original authors. Korean version of 'City Hunter' will be set in Seoul in 2011, and not Tokyo in the 1980s. According to representatives from the Division of SBS drama, this drama will be aired by SBS next year.

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