Mayor Murdered Mexican Mafia

The Mexican drug dealers arrested

A town mayor in Mexico and his assistant was found dead Monday. This is the fifth murder of city officials that occurred in Mexico since mid-August 2010. Michoacan state prosecutor, Jesus Montejano, said the body of Gustavo Sanchez Tancitaro mayor and city counsel Rafael Equihua found inside truck parked in the street near the city of Uruapan.

Tancitaro, a small town has a population of 26,000 people, is the city where the number of troops destroyed 20 drug labs last year and several police officers were killed by a swarm of narcotics criminals.

Year 2009, city council chairman Gonzalo Paz was kidnapped and murdered. Then in December last year, a mayor and seven city officials threatened to resign after drug mafia, while the local police do not work optimally. Before long, about 60 local police officers sacked for failing to stop a series of murders and crime. Michoacan state police and soldiers took over security in the city. Then, Gustavo Sanchez was appointed as mayor since January 2010.

On Monday the same, also in Michoacan, five gunmen and a marines exchanged gunfire in Coahuayana in the Pacific, the navy said in a statement. Other Marines were wounded, while the authorities look for a number of perpetrators. Coahuayana Authorities shut down schools and warned residents to stay home.

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