Kim Jong Il, The Eccentric Cruel

Kim Jong Il  with Bill Clinton

Not a few leaders who were killed, coup because of cruel, undemocratic. However, not so with Kim Jong Il (68). In fact, he plans to continue over power to his son, Kim Jong Un. Grandfather, children and grandchildren will most likely continue to be leaders. Kim even managed to raises its image to the outside world as being eccentric, and father of playboy. Politically, he is skilled, people like it or not.

Ruthless leadership, including throwing her eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, to Macau because it is not discipline, is considered to be its strength. This earned him stay in power despite outbreaks of famine and economic decline continues to occur. North Korea is now one of the countries that receive food aid from humanitarian organizations globally. Jong Il to capture power through propaganda. Gulag or forced labor camps is another tool that makes his critics think hard before the fight.

Admiration for North Koreans to his father, Kim Il Sung, he also managed to plug it in to the body-in the military. It was as if he is Kim Il Sung. He's very confident. Notorious figures may be synchronized with the Fidel Castro of Cuba about the guts. Jong Il dismissed all estimates of the fall of the communist regime in his country, after the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, the country plunged into an outbreak of acute famine, which killed a million people. It does not make him frightened. He had time to set aside assets of the state to develop nuclear weapons to missile test in October 2006 and May 2009.

Because of the existence of the weapon, he managed to push the U.S. to provide economic assistance, in exchange for cessation of nuclear weapons. Suspicious of U.S. ill will, especially under former U.S. President George Bush who successfully overthrew Saddam Hussein, Jong Il again closed door meetings, mainly to the U.S.. China only survive as a country that he segani. Cruel impression not only in the country, but spread abroad. In 1983 he was allegedly one of Myanmar's brain bombing, which killed 16 South Koreans. In 1987, Korean Air Lines fell and 115 passengers were killed. This is believed to be the fruit of his deeds.

There are also fall. News plague of hunger does not subside. Unicef estimates a third of malnourished North Korean children. The pressure and the criticism continues, including the stamp of Bush's axis of evil. Kim Jong Il would not go down. Is declining health from diabetes and a stroke in 2008, which allegedly makes Kim Jong Il can not survive anymore. He also reported suffering from kidney disease. Only a force of nature that became his enemy. However, hebatanya again, the forces of nature will not keep Kim dynasty from power. He's already preparing for Kim Jong Un, the youngest son, became his successor.

To this he acted very tactical. His son was immediately appointed to four-star general. Military support is very crucial to the dictatorship succeeded him buckling. The appointment or removal of Kim Jong Un is a general move to orbit the image of her son as a man who feared and therefore may have to be obeyed. In June, long before the news unfolding succession, head of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has said Leon Panetta, Kim Jong Il was preparing his son as the next leader of North Korea.

Kim Jong Il born February 16 at Mount Paekdu, a sacred site, is excellent. Independent observers say, he was born in a guerrilla camp in Russia, the headquarters location of his father, Kim Il Sung, who led the war against Japan invaded the Korean peninsula. Kim Jong Il passed the university in 1964. He worked his way up in the Workers Party and then be prepared to be leaders. In 1994, after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il became the leader.

The escape from North Korea describe him as a womanizer, drinker, and fans of Western movies. He collected 20,000 movies made in Hollywood. Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright described the Kim Jong Il as a person who knows many things and have a network of information. However, do not forget, the North's communist Soviet Union survived because they care. Post-Cold War North Korea also maintained because of China's assistance, who do not want chaos in North Korea widened to the country.

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