Katy Perry featuring Sesame Street

Katy Perry featuring Sesame Street

Katy Perry protested Parents. It's the visible look sexy in a video clip featuring Hot and Cold Sesame Street, Katy Perry's parents protested. As the site TMZ, Saturday, September 25, Katy Perry featuring Sesame Street has been withdrawn from the TV program because of the clothes that used the singer was born October 25, 1984.

Pop singer and Elmo, the little red monster, appearing together in a version of the song hits the Hot and Cold. Scheduled clip will be aired on New Year's Eve 2011. However, the clip has appeared on YouTube yesterday afternoon. And the New York Times has received about 1 million hits. Producer Katy Perry decided to clip the song will not be aired because of complaints from parents who say, Katy clothes not suitable for children's programming.

I Kissed a Girl singer appeared in clips by wearing low-cut dress yellow chest and wearing a wedding veil. "You can practically see her breasts clearly. And that's children's programs," complained one parent.

More than 5,500 incoming comments on YouTube. One reader who has watched the writing, "Video is adorable. However, it seems uncomfortable around the top. What was thought by the people of the costume?". In addition, some say "cute" and "no problem". In the video clip, Katy express sadness because Elmo does not want to play with him and he fled. At the end of the clip, Elmo says, will play cards with Russell Brand's fiance.

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