Super Coppa Italia 2010

Super Coppa Italia 2010

Super Coppa Italia 2010. The first opportunity the first time in 9 ', when Eto'o is Sneijder, who dribla Juan and launches right from 20 meters high ball. Roma answered immediately, 10 'Vucinic Totti is entering the area, just in front of the goalkeeper. Its right on the first post deflected by Julio Cesar. Inter will try again in 17 'with Maicon, low cross from the right for Eto'o, Drawers is good to intercept the shot.

Inter, where were we. After Scudetto and Coppa Italy, the Nerazzurri win the third trophy flag, the Italian Super Cup, winning Rome on 3 to 1. The advantage of the Giallorossi with Riise is outclassed by Pandev goal and two goals from Eto'o. Roma, lucid and composed in the first half, paid too many defensive errors starting with the resounding passage of Vucinic Juan in his own penalty area, hallway, which claimed the tie and perhaps a radical turn of the game for Inter. The entrance of Hadrian was not the brightest, the Brazilian affected by a few minutes on his legs and hiding from the Italian league, excellent debut instead of Benitez, the post-Mourinho begins in the best way. Inter wins Italian Super Cup and then the fifth of its history, reaching Milan in the special championship trophy.

The advantage of coming to Rome 21 'goal by Riise, with great merit of Totti. Captain Giallorossi need a great depth to assist in Riise, the companion test by 16 meters and the ball ends up in the network, 1 to 0 for Rome. Inter tries to press the following minutes, while the Rome spins the ball. The opportunity for Benitez's men arrive at the 33 'when Eto'o crossed for Milito, Juan uplifting. Inter is unlikely to offend with conviction, we think the Roma to complicate the game at 41 '. Vucinic disengagement of risky ventures that left from a surprising move horizontally Juan comes to us Pandev, 3 feet, and left one of the goals to 1. Thus ends the first half, Roma convincing in the construction of the game, galvanized by the Inter tie.

Benitez tries to change something in the second half, replacing with Stankovic Zanetti. Restart Rome, at 51 ', with Totti who crossed into the box, shot rejected by Stankovic, Menez then pull from 12 meters right on the fly but the ball ends up outside. At 63 ', Cambiasso foul on Totti, the referee gives the free-kick from Riise, left, beautiful and powerful deflected by Julio Cesar. The illusion of advantage for Inter to 68 ', Sneijder is when Eto'o, it follows a short passage that marks for Milito, but the network is canceled for offside. The real advantage though not long in coming: the 71 'Lucio serves Milito, then low cross for Eto'o who anticipates Drawers, Foul and network of 2 to 1. The triple few minutes later, 81 ', yet another error in the accomplice defense. Taddei is time to lose the ball, with phrasing that fits Eto'o Milito. The Argentine pulled a 9-meter, Lobont unresponsive in the parade and the network 3 to 1. Roma will not be able to retrieve the game, closed for Inter, the Italian Super Cup is his.

Inter-Roma 3-1 (21 'Riise, 41' Pandev, 71 'Eto'o, 80' Eto'o) VIDEO
Lineups: INTER (4-2-3-1): Julio Cesar, Chivu, Samuel, Lucio, Maicon, Zanetti (46 'Stankovic), Cambiasso, Pandev (79' Mariga) Snejider (87 'Materazzi), Eto'o, Milito . A disp.: Castellazzi, Cordoba, Coutinho, Biabiany. Att: Benitez

ROMA (4-3-1-2): Lobont, Cassetti, Mexes, Juan, Riise; Perrotta, De Rossi, Menez (83 'Okaka), Pizarro (54' Taddei), Vucinic (67 'Adriano), Totti. A disp.: Doni, G. Burdisso, Rosi, Brig. Att: Ranieri

Referee: Bergonzi

Booked: Perrotta (R), Cambiasso (I) Okaka (R) Mexes (R) Samuel (I)

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