Komputer Masa Depan, Human Brain Cells Inspiration


Komputer Masa Depan - Apparently human nerve cells mengillhami information technology industry players to create a future computer.

Way nerve cells communicate with each other who is believed to be replicable for application in next generation computer later.

Currently reported researchers began trying to apply the way nerve cells talk to one another when including the way how they are formed.

One of the scientists kompter Thomas Wennekers from Plymouth University who is trying to develop a computer in the future by mimicking exactly the mechanism of human nerve cells in the brain.

Aligning the way computers work with the mechanism of nerve cells is believed to enhance the ability of computers to process visual and audio data. There is a possibility later on the computer will be able to see and hear by itself, rather than just relying on the existence of a sensor.

It is a neural cell network has existed since 50 years ago. But the artificial network is not believed to mimic in detail the neural network.

"We want to learn from biology to create the computer of the future. The nerve cells in the brain is far more complex than the network of neural cells that have been there," said Thomas.

Admittedly, very open later expectation that the results of his research is more than just increase the sensor network.

"Even later on the results of the research will lead us to an intelligent computer, the computer that has the ability to think and make his own decisions," he said.

"In the future the way we use computers will be much different," he added. Komputer Masa Depan

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