- Free ABB, Abu Bakar Ba'asyir - Free ABB, adalah situs untuk menyuarakan pembebasan ustadz Abu terkait penangkapannya oleh Bareskirm Mabes Polri selama dua hari terakhir terkait tuduhan aksi terorisme. Selain merilis situs tentunya tak lengkap tanpa bumbu-bumbu jejaring sosial yaitu Facebook dan Twitter, untuk page Facebook Free ABB bisa diakses disini yang berslogan Freedom and Support Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (ABB)

Rejection of the detention of Amir Jamaat Tawhid, Abu Bakar Baasyir Anshorut increasingly widespread. site was released in order to voice their ustadz Abu such exemption.

News series expressed in these pages. Like a strand of poetry that echoed his protege aka Boarding School alumnus Al Ngruki, Sukohardjo, Solo.

In addition, the fellow Muslims also voiced their disapproval. Even the cry of the hearts of the students who did not receive Ponpes Ngruki for the arrest was also reflected in those sites. - Free ABB
Earlier, the Head of Public Relations Inspector General of Police Edward Aritonang explain the alleged three Baasyir role in terrorism in the country. First, Baasyir active in the planning of terrorist activities, including training process until the action.

Second, Edward said, as leaders of Jamaat Ansharut Baasyir Tawhid (Jat) actively raise funds to collect data and give money to people designated for the operation and control in Aceh.

Finally, said Edward, Baasyir know of events of terrorism from the reports submitted periodically, even reportedly with visual reports.

"In the video at a time of accountability on the use of the budget. It was done in bebarapa place and was witnessed by several people and everything is checked," said Edward, Tuesday (10 / 8).

Therefore, Edward said, Baasyir named as a suspect was arrested early in Banjar, West Java, August 9, 2010.

Baasyir subject to Article 14 jo Article 7 Article 9 Article 11 and / or Article 11 and or 15 jo 11 and 7 of Article 9 or Article 13 letter a or b or subparagraph c of Act No. 15 of 2003 on Combating Criminal Acts of Terrorism, which is planned or moving people others to commit criminal acts of terrorism.

The writings are presented on the site is made on average by former students and alumni Ponpes Al Mukmin, Ngruki, Sukoharjo. In various writings which can be read profiles on the most trying to convince his readers, that Abu Bakar Ba `Naphtali is not a terrorist as alleged police.

"We know better than the police and media that our teacher accused terrorists," said one of the posts made by one former student.

Besides various writings on the site there are also Freedom and Support Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (ABB) in social networking facebook who has received the support of as many as 9185 people.

Meanwhile, support for action against Abu Bakar Ba `Naphtali, which flows through the internet site in the Free movement on the site assessed ABB is a positive when compared tindkaan must act anarchists.

"The emergence of this ABB Free movement as a form of community awareness has grown. This is the correct behavior rather than sending troops anarchic actions," said analysts of terrorism, Mardigu WP, the AFP on Thursday (12/08/2010).

He explained that when Ba'asyir was arrested, initially feared it would be no action motion by their supporters to come to Police Headquarters. But then comes through the internet and the media was more positive.

"This will not harm, this is more educated and better," Mardigu argument. Aside from site, appear also on facebook movement called Freedom and Support Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (ABB).

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