Electronic Newspaper, Mass Produced from LG

Electronic Newspaper

Shaped like a sheet of newsprint. However, the display of text and images rather than static printing. Writing and drawing on the sheet can be fickle like mobile phones or computer screens.

This is one technology that may be the future of newspapers in today's digital era. With a flexible sheet format, readers can still enjoy a relaxing habit of reading newspapers, but in a digital format according to the demands of the times.

Prototype design of electronic newsprint giant South Korean electronics company, LG Electronics has now started to be produced. The latest news published by PC World, Thursday (26/08/2010), mentions that LG plans to mass-produce color electronic paper sized 9.7 inches and 19 inches.

As reported by the technology blog Engadget, in January, LG has exhibited a prototype of electronic paper displays homemade but new writing and black and white images only. Could be, the items to be mass produced is the development of the prototype.

However, no mention of electronic paper will be produced for the needs of what kind of device. In addition to the new style paper with the navigation keys, electronic paper is also potentially be used as a touch screen felksibel for general information board or other needs. Electronic Newspaper, Mass Produced from LG

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