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Vagina Spa

You've probably heard the myth that the vagina should not be wet, especially when having sex, it should not arise if an understanding of the function and the "workings" of his rightly understood. It's already been decided before the area was soaked with liquid intimate lubricant when already in a condition ready for intercourse with their husbands.

Lack of understanding about sex organs this one also resulted in not a few women care less maintenance. The goal of the organ so that it remains clean femininity so free of infection and trigger inflammation. Also remain in a state of natural moist, not dry. Of course maintenance is done correctly and controlled. If random, could result in its natural equilibrium (chemical and biological) disrupted. Risk of infection increases.

Washed and steamed
How to care for the most intimate organ of another is not easy to bathe thoroughly. Including cleaning the intimate parts. Also the crotch - not part of the vagina - with regular soap. If it felt still less satisfied in the normal way, you can try the special spa to treat this female organ.

Special spa is usually called feminine vagina spa or spa, which has actually been known since the days of our fathers first. Maybe just a different term. However, essentially the same, namely treating intimate organs to prevent and cope with whitish, maintaining resistance to infection, caused a sensation, and increase sexual desire. Vagina spa is safe because it does not use a tool or material inserted or sprayed into the vagina.

Spa is well traveled, especially before the wedding to relax tense muscles and nerves. Also good if done at the time of vaginal childbirth to restore suppleness, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and restore the body's condition.

Keep in mind, "Spa is only to prevent and improve the health, comfort, and tranquility," said Debra R. Maria, president of Spa Water Cantee in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, to remind. "Not to treat. Therefore, handling the internal organs is a medical act, and it must be performed by trained health personnel such as midwives or doctors."

Things that can be overcome with the vagina spa, among others, the problem whitish light, itching, excessive vaginal fluid during sex, post-childbirth loose vagina, or muscle spasms when exposed. Diseases associated with sex organs, including infections of the intimate organs, should be the treating doctor.

Core concept of spa real vagina scent vagina in the form of special therapy for washing and evaporation. In practice, used to wash or rinse in cold water one quart size bucket, plus 20 drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree as an antiseptic. Can also betel leaf decoction with water that has cooled.

Perform a maximum of twice a month, ie after menstruation and two weeks later. Or, if deemed necessary, eg when feeling uncomfortable after the out of town. Spa is not advisable to do too much acidity of vaginal fluid level is maintained.

As is known, Bartholin glands located in the wall of the vagina produces yellowish odorless clear liquid. It serves as a lubricating fluid during sex, vaginal cleaning and balancing acidity (pH) remained in the range of 3.5 to 5 to prevent infection.

Evaporation was carried out with a herbal concoction. You who love Western style can choose rosemarry, thyme, and sage. Loyal to the traditional ingredients of Indonesia can take advantage of five pieces of betel leaf, 2-3 cm cinnamon bark or a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five grains of cloves. If no interference whitish, reduce its cloves.

All Western evaporation materials can be purchased at the supermarket spice section of the kitchen. While the East with traditional materials can be obtained easily in the traditional market.

These materials are boiled and then poured into a ceramic or glass container. Instead, do not use aluminum container so that the smell of the active substance was mixed metals.

Try the steam produced was not too hot. When evaporation is, sit on it and covered with cloth gloves or other. Can also sit in a special chair that hole in the middle, while the ceramic bowl containing boiling water is placed directly below. Old evaporation 10-15 minutes until the steam out. Because of its focus towards the intimate organs, evaporation advisable not too often performed, a maximum of two times a week. If excessive, feared vaginal pH balance will be disturbed.

Javanese people used to do with hundreds of evaporation (a mixture of various natural ingredients that create a fragrant scent sprinkled over coals). But now questionable side effects, because the vapor is the result of arson. It's okay to wear hundred, "but his hundred-boiled. Thus, the vapor steam is wet, "advises Debra.

Happenings overcoming whiteness and postpartum care, there is little special treatment. First, do the washing. Second, do evaporation and soak while doing pelvic floor exercise - exercises to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. The way such as the movement to hold pee and do about 15 minutes. Maximum frequency is twice a week. But exercise can also hold pee when done each day without a bath.

Candida prickly calamity
We know, whitish experienced at least once in their lives, partly due to Candida albicans - a type of fungus normally found in female sex organs. He will be multiplied to the amount exceeds the limit, if conditions change sex organs. Symptoms, there is fluid in the vagina thickens, white, odorless, and the resulting itching, pain, and heat when urinating or having sex. If you already like this, go to the doctor, and should not try to treat themselves.

Including the fungus Candida glucose glutton. If there was an increase in blood sugar levels and hormone imbalance that trigger the rise in blood sugar, Candida will grow out of control. Mold is also easy to grow wild in the last trimester of pregnancy, or due to taking birth control pills, steroids, or antibiotics. Immune disorders, for example due to HIV infection, can also cause Candida to grow unchecked.

To reduce the possibility of Candida population explosion, avoid eating too many sugary foods. Furthermore, keep intimate with a number of organs such as the following easy steps.

First, do not let the vagina in humid conditions. For that choose cotton underwear that is easy to absorb perspiration. Avoid panties, long pants, stretch pants (tight stretch) forming the body, sports pants, or pants leg berpenutup gymnastics (pantihose nylon, panty girdles) are made from nylon or other synthetic materials. Also avoid jeans that are too tight in the crotch because it will create an intimate atmosphere around the organ to be hot and humid. Conditions were ideal for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Replace underwear at least twice a day, every shower in the morning and afternoon. Replace immediately if the underwear is also starting to feel damp and wet. Panties rinse well after washing, and never left the remnants of detergent. New underwear should be washed before use to prevent the textile chemicals cause inflammation and itching.

It is also important to keep your weight balanced. If too fat, thigh and groin that are too tight even for the vagina to create a moist atmosphere. Nor did the exchange of clothing, especially underwear, with others, including his own brother.

Second, when cleaning the intimate organs, flush with clean water from front to back. Precisely the opposite way to move the bacteria from the anus to the vagina to cause itch. Currently in public toilets, avoid using water that was in the tub or bucket.

When to travel far and are forced to use public toilets, it is better prepared betel leaves in boiling water bottles. Save the stuff in the refrigerator a day before the trip. When using essential oils, store them in dark bottles, because the oil will be damaged if exposed to sun rays.

According to research, the stagnant water in public toilets containing 70% fungus Candida. While the water flowing from the taps in public toilets to save 10-20% mushroom whiteness even trigger itching. The best and safe, use bottled water for washing.

Avoid sitting in a public toilet, although the shape toilet seat. Drain intimate part fine with toilet paper towels or a clean, soft, colorless, no aroma that can trigger allergies, and not easily torn to avoid bits of tissue left behind at the intimate organs that can trigger allergies.

When inflamed vulva great, dry with a hair dryer set to cool at a distance of more than 30 cm. If excessive hair growth sex, making it difficult drying intimate area, it should be shaved.

Third, avoid douching alias using a special cleaning fluid to wash the vagina during sex organ. Stay away from too feminine hygiene product usage so that it triggers inflammation. For example, panty liners, fragrances, lubricants, oils, or powder. Use panty liners just in the last days of menstruation.

When getting your period, choose a powerful absorbent pads, soft without perfume. Fragrances bandage made from certain chemicals it makes vaginal itching and inflamed, especially for sensitive skin. The third suggestion is certainly not true for a number of menopausal women, who at the instigation of doctors need moisturizers, cleansers, or vaginal jelly.

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