Uang 10000 Baru

Uang 10000 Baru

Uang 10000 Baru - Bank Indonesia sore ini Selasa (20/7/2010) meluncurkan uang logam pecahan Rp 1.000 tahun emisi 2010 dan uang kertas pecahan Rp 10.000 desain baru.

Director of Public Relations Directorate of Strategic Planning and BI Dyah Makhijani, Tuesday morning in Bandung, said the inauguration of the launch of two new money will be made by the Vice President (VP) Boediono on Building the BI, Bandung.

Dyah explained that the fractional coins Garuda Pancasila USD 1000 picture on the front and with a background image angklung Gedung Sate Bandung. Money is silvery white, made from nickel plated steel.

The changes in Rp 10,000 bills aim to optimize the function of design elements or up-grading is done mainly on the dominant color of the original reddish purple to bluish purple.

Although there are also changes to other security elements, the main design elements, such as the material of money, the main image, and measures of money, fixed or not changed. "Fractional Rp 10,000 banknotes old design is still valid as a legitimate means of payment before revoked and withdrawn from circulation by the BI," he said. Uang 10000 Baru

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  1. percuma gonta-ganti tampilan UANG, klo nnilai rupiahnya tetep rendah . :(