Mongoose Coffee Probiotics, What's That?

Kopi Luwak Halal

Mongoose Coffee (Kopi Luwak) - A researcher at the Institute for Agricultural Technology Assessment or BPTP Bali, Suprio Guntoro, find a coffee mongoose probiotics. In addition to the amount of coffee powder production is not limited to, Mongoose Coffee Probiotics trusted to protect the mongoose population.

Mongoose on coffee production process naturally, powdered coffee beans obtained from the dried and roasted ground. Uniquely, the beans were previously obtained via the natural digestive process animal mongoose (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) who ate the fruit of coffee. Meanwhile, in the mongoose coffee probiotic Guntoro findings, the coffee beans produced from ripe coffee fruit is picked and chosen, and in particular fermented with probiotic microbes from the small intestine and appendix animal mongoose.

"So, this probiotic mongoose coffee produced by the digestive process to adopt the animal mongoose. Probiotic microbes that are the result of isolation of microbes in the small intestine and appendix mongoose. Probiotic microbes that we make sure that does not contain microbes that are pathogenic or disease," said Guntoro when found at his home in Cape Town, Tuesday (11/05/2010). He ensures the isolation of the microbes that made with natural ingredients alias without involving chemicals.

Thus, over coffee this probiotic mongoose, mongoose coffee can be produced based on need and not limited to the number of mongoose or mongoose as consumption capabilities in general. Mongoose coffee powder is relatively expensive in general securities, ie USD 1 million-USD 1.5 million per kilogram. Mongoose is also a mainstay of coffee coffee exports for Indonesia.

From my research, Mongoose Coffee Probiotic also protects the animal mongoose population itself. Because of the demand on mongoose coffee, the coffee is generally produced by an animal breed mongoose. Approximately 10-30 percent of the mongoose that was bred to die or loose so that will definitely affect the population, "said Guntoro.

According Guntoro, in terms of taste and enjoyment, coffee mongoose is also almost the same probiotics with mongoose coffee produced normally. In fact, from the recognition of coffee lovers, coffee flavor is more delicate probiotic mongoose but has a stronger coffee aroma.

Guntoro confess, research on coffee mongoose was conducted independently since three years ago. Currently it is in the process of invention patents to be registered through the Institute for Agricultural Technology Transfer Management in Bogor, which is under the coordination of Agricultural Research and Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture. Along with that process, Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, Jember, East Java, also conducts tests on scientific data Guntoro research. So, this probiotic mongoose coffee produced by adopting the digestive process of animals mongoose.

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