Spinelli Coffee Outlets Opened in Indonesia

Spinelli Coffee Outlets Opened in Indonesia

Spinelli Coffee Outlets Opened in Indonesia - Your coffee enthusiasts? Want to enjoy the best coffee comes from San Francisco? Now Spinelli Coffee Company, the best coffee maker from San Francisco is now present in Indonesia. Under the auspices of PT Concept Food, as a franchise licensee, cafe Spinelli is now present in Grand Indonesia West Mall.

After that, Spinelli Coffee Company will add another four outlets in a progressive. Namely Senayan City, Plaza EX, Gandaria City, and Pondok Indah Mall 2.

Freddy Ong, Chief Operating Officer of Spinelli Coffee Company, Singapore said, Spinelli Coffee Company glad to work with PT Concept food in Indonesia.

Expand the network to the countries of Asia, is actually one of the goals Spinelli Coffee Company. His main principle is to grow slowly, and targeting the target, in order to maintain product quality.

According to Mr Ong, Spinelli Coffee Company saw a great appreciation and the potential Indonesian market for coffee.

"Consumers Indonesia has good taste, and capable of distinguishing good quality coffee that is not good. The fact is what makes us feel confident will successfully gain a place in the hearts of consumers in Indonesia because of good product quality," he said.

Spinelli Café not only presents the classic espresso minuma type, but also various non-coffee offerings attractive. The long list of beverages is also equipped with a variety of American-style snacks, such as muffins, scones, cookies, and cheesecakes. Meanwhile, sandwiches, lasagne stew, soup and salad is also available if consumers need more than just a snack.

In order opening the first outlet of the first Spinelli Coffee Company in Grand Indonesia, especially for consumers, Spinelli holds a few interesting programs. Among other things, any minimum purchase of RP 150 thousand in the shops Metrox Group, will receive a voucher for free drinks at Spinelli Coffee.

Consumers were free to choose one type of beverage from the three different variants, this program is valid until the date of August 8, 2010. There are also Spinelli Stamp Card, with the first five will get a free stamp size up. For the next five stamps will get one drink free coffee at Spinelli Coffee small size. Spinelli Coffee will make cards for the 1000 stamp program. However, I still loved the product in the country is Luwak Coffee or Mongoose Coffee. Did you ever enjoy Luwak Coffee? Enjoyment is different, it feels natural flavor.

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