Body Painting Bali Today So Fascination

Body Painting Bali Today So Fascination

Body painting or painting with the body as a canvas is now growing in the island of Bali. Various events in the race body painting continues to point out the tourism actors suck, especially foreign tourists. The results were quite satisfactory, each organizing body painting competition was always crowded with foreign tourists.

Every Friday this month there is always a body painting, next week if no one grand final. Assistant Marketing Communication said the Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Lucia Dwi Cahyani. "Sometimes I really want to be his model, it will be an interesting experience and I will show to friends at home," said Brenda, one of the foreign tourists who do not want to miss this contest, body painting.

Conscious of body painting can reap pundits-dollar coffers, night entertainment venues, especially in tourist areas of Kuta is now vying to take advantage of body painting although only a mere "slip" every one of them held a party. To search for body painting artists in Bali was not too difficult, because art is increasingly interested in modern painting paintings of local artists.

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  1. Saya lebih suka face-painting dulu pernah belajar, tapi yg gak permanen loh, jadinya muka ponakan2x saya (mereka dijadiin kelinci percobaan) penuh cat dan gak bagus hasilnya:))