Personal GPS Tracking

Personal GPS Tracking

Easy Trade GEA is a GPS-based devices to track and monitor vehicles anywhere in the world using a web application to view your vehicle in real time via computer.

In addition to GEA devices, Easy Trade also has a similar device that can be used to track human presence, device, named the Personal GPS Tracker (GPT) appear in smaller sizes that can be taken by children, elderly, VIP to pets.

GPT is not only can be used to identify the location of the wearer, but also can be used for two-way communication. There are three phone numbers and settings that can be summoned in an emergency.

Besides the two had a tracking device, Easy Listening Trace also has a Voice Unit (VLU). A device that resembles a USB can be used as a bug. Another device that is SCH-2001, a charger for mobile phones, PDAs, MP3, MP4 and digital camera. Personal GPS Tracking

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  1. This device is really use full when everyday we hear or read the news of vehicle theft. We can secure or vehicle with tracking devices