Overcome Powerful Wrench Potbelly

Overcome Powerful Wrench Potbelly

One of the complaints that are often experienced by men other than excessive obesity is a bulging belly. Not only can experienced fat man, this complaint may also occur in men, putting thin, especially those with eating hobby and snacked. Such cases usually occur when a man entered the productive age with intensity-time job.

"Generally, it occurs because of belly fat eating pattern does not irregular. This is often experienced by male workers who like to eat, especially during times of stress, but not balanced with regular exercise," said Susana, STP, MSc, PD.Eng, Head of Research Nutrifood Center Division VIVAnews met recently in Jakarta.

Susana was also revealed that the habit of Indonesian men who consume carbohydrates, like rice too much at meals is one trigger potbelly. "Quantity of rice which is very much with a little side dish will eventually trigger a distended stomach due to carbohydrate intake beyond the capacity. In the future this will become fat carbohydrates," said Susana again.

In addition to avoiding excessive carbohydrate consumption, a man with a distended stomach problems are also advised to avoid fried foods. "I think choosing grilled foods, baked and steamed foods are better than the frying process. Because, in the oil contained lots of fat will accumulate in the body," said Susana.

Susana added, to prevent cancer from burnt food, preferably before the combustion process, at least the meat or other food boiled first. Therefore, the meat will burn faster so mature and not too bitter.

When mentioned about the hobby snacking urban men often done when under stress, according to Susana, that's a fair and not prohibited. "As long as it should be a healthy snack and not home snacking. Snacking healthy, among others, snacking on cereal or fruit pieces," he said.

With the tips given, Susana also revealed that healthy eating should also be balanced with regular exercise patterns. "At least if the diet is maintained, such as cardio exercise routine or run must also be a minimum of 30 minutes a day can go back to belly flat", said Susana again.

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