Opera The Fastest Browser Officially Released

Opera The Fastest Browser Officially Released

Some time ago Opera had released a beta version for their latest browser, Opera 10.6. Well now claimed to be the fastest browser, it has been officially launched.

Testing ever performed on the Opera browser 6.10 beta, showed a significant increase in performance. Opera claims the browser is 50 percent faster on a particular JavaScript test compared to the previous Opera series.

Based on the information received, in addition to improved performance, Opera 6.10 also increasingly rich with buried features such as Web technology, search suggestions, Geolocation, WebM and Web worker, and HTML5 to the application offline.

Geolocation itself is a new feature to detect the user's location through browser. This feature can be seen from the interactive map provided by Opera at sites www.opera.com/portals/geo.

While Opera support to technology Appcache HTML 5 and Web Workers, allows the use of a browser for a broader application, such as word processors, editors and other images.

For users who want a taste, can be directly downloaded on site www.opera.com/download. Whereas previously the Opera browser for the user, can directly use the latest version via Help menu, and then aimed a pointer at the option Check for Updates.

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  1. Aku cuma pake opera di Hape aja
    kalo di PC pake Mozzila atau google chrome

    Dat..Tengkyu dah komen di postingan Speedy Writing Contest
    Do'ain menang ya..

    Dirimu tak??