Danger, Tilted his Head when Nosebleed

Danger, Tilted his Head when Nosebleed

Usually people will head back up as a nosebleed. There is also a lay body. Two ways this is done so that blood can not get out. However, the second such action by some medical experts precisely wrong.

Head back upstairs and lay down, it will create complications with the blood flow into the esophagus. Complications occur, ie choking blood Leh who fall into saliran breathing. When blood enters the stomach, causing irritation or blood will be issued through the vomit.

There are lots of tips and advice that berbda different from people, friends or relatives to cope with nosebleeds. But suggestions that just made people become confused, where the most correct action.

There are two types of nosebleeds, ie epistaxis anterior and posterior epistaxis.

Epistaxis anterior nosebleed the bleeding obvious point, namely at the front of the nose, so as not dangerous. This type of nosebleed is generally more experienced child.

The reason: lack of rest, fever, trauma on the outside, the air is dry, digging the nose, allergies or a thin membrane of blood vessels, normal / common in children under the age of 12 years.

Posterior epistaxis nosebleed second, a ruptured blood vessel located inside. Blood flowed continuously through the nose. These nosebleeds occur in patients with hypertension, nasal tumors and atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels in the nose area).

When experiencing this type of nosebleed, you should immediately be brought to the hospital and treated in the ENT doctors as well as diseases, rather than a general practitioner, because they have to get a specific treatment.

According to Prof. HM Hembing Wijayakusuma, herbal health experts, categorized as severe if blood nosebleed stopped out within 10 minutes, after being given the help and cause blood loss of one liter per hour.

When a child has a nosebleed, sit is with your head and body slightly forward. Then press your nose with your thumb and forefinger. Invite your child to breathe through the mouth. Within one to two minutes will usually stop the blood.

If the blood had not stopped, immediately compress the nose with ice water, or consuming food or drinks cold. Ice and cold objects attached to the nose makes the blood vessels shrink, so the bleeding quickly stopped.

Compress can be done when there is bleeding. If after LMA-minute compression of blood still has not stopped, press the nose again for 10 minutes. If not stopped, too, hurry up take it to the hospital.

What about the provision of betel leaf? betel leaf is either given to stop a nosebleed, because it contains substances or astringents pengerut network. Unfortunately, due to panic people usually forget to wash it, but just memasukkkan directly into the nose and this of course can cause infection.

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