Autom, Intelligent Robot Maid Diet

Autom, Intelligent Robot Maid Diet

Tired of dieting alone? No need to worry, because soon there is a robot that can help your diet program. Yes, a robot named Autom can find out how much exercise and diet that made a person. Even with the touch of his hand on his screen, Autom can know a person's mood.

Cory Kidd is as owner and Chief Executive Intuitif Automata Inc. Who began creating Autom while attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, United States (U.S.). Kidd also often visit patients at Boston Medical Center Clinic, USA. This is where he got the inspiration to create something that could be useful for many people.

Dieters who want to use Autom can enter details of diet and exercise patterns at the screen. Autom placed on the table is also programmed to perform some conversations, like "I know talk to me maybe a little weird, but I hope you'll get used to this," said Autom. He could write the words "Thank You", "OK" or "Let go" on the screen that responds to menu choices.

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal, Friday (07/23/2010), this robot can blink and see who is talking to him and then end the conversation with the phrase, "I hope we can talk again about your progress," he said with a tone of women Autom.

Kidd explained that this diet maid robot dibanderol a price of U.S. $ 500 plus an additional monthly subscription fee that includes software updates.

Intuitive Automata company based in Hong Kong was selected as a finalist in the Asian Innovation Awards, with a target market of the United States to begin to operate the robot in front of her diet. The plan, robots will be tested in a pilot program in one of the leading insurance company in the country, Uncle Sam's.

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