Katy Perry Loneliness It's the World Cup

Katy Perry

London - Katy Perry sexy singer become a victim of World Cup. 'Singer' I Kissed a Girl 'became lonely because often left Russell Brand, his fiancee watched World Cup matches.

As reported by showbiz Spy, Friday (06/25/2010), Katy revealed Russell really obsessed with the World Cup today. Incidentally, the British comedian was a heavy supporter of Wayne Rooney Cs.

"He's always there for me. But now, everything about football," said 25-year-old woman.

Katy said that if Russell never missed every game. In fact, almost every night Russel always stay up.

"And he's always online to read every English team development. If it were so, I always decide to go to bed early," explained Katy.

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