Defect iPhone 4 Reaping Criticism

Defect iPhone 4 Reaping Criticism

LONDON - Just a few days set foot in the mobile market, the iPhone four immediate criticism from some users. A number of 'defective' iPhone users began complaining 4.

As reported by the BBC, Friday (25/6/2010), most complaints are weak cell phone signals. It is caused by Apple's antenna buried in the bottom left, so that when grasped signal will interfere with signal reception.

"The phone becomes useless in this country," said Richard Warner, a fourth British iPhone buyers.

Warner said the signals would disappear when he held the phone with his left hand. "Slowly the bar signal decreases until it disappears," he said.

In addition, a number of buyers is also reported defects in the display. Although they have been doing the color settings, but on a number of iPhone 4 still there are some points in yellow.

IPhone Design 4 which uses stainless steel materials allegedly also easily scratched. Reportedly, the iPhone there are a number of scratch marks.

Complaints about the iPhone 4 buyers also uploaded to video sharing site, YouTube. There's even a video featuring speed test results by comparing the current speed with a hand-held does not use aliases hand handsfree.

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