HTC Legend, Mobile Android is 'Legendary'

Review HTC Legend, Mobile Android

HTC, producer of arguably the most smart phones Android front today. It's nothing, the title is worthy strapped Taiwanese manufacturers such as Google - as the 'father' of his Android - choose HTC to make phones Nexus One them.

Despite still having a varied range of products, including those using Windows Mobile, Android-based products from HTC's always worth listening to. Legend is one hero who is qualified in this class.

Successor of HTC Hero, HTC Legend's presence was first sounded at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, beginning in 2010. In Indonesia, Legend entered through the service bundle and also the normal retail distribution.

Design: Aluminum Body Beautiful
Legend HTC mobile body is formed from a single block of aluminum, without a connection. The contours of the body makes Legend unsightly eyes and could look pretty but not too feminine to be used by men.

Reviewed by detikINET unit which uses the red accents on the body part that is not made of aluminum. Colored section is made of rubber or rubberized plastic.

The next thing to be concern of course is the screen. Legend uses AMOLED display 3.2 "(81 mm) with a resolution of 320 x 480 px. The quality of the screen make it worth it pitted with 3GS iPhone smart phone screen.

On the chin there is HTC Legend optical sensor. This sensor works like a trackball for navigation on the BlackBerry series of shells, and Trackpad on newer BlackBerry.

Interface: Delicious Seen, Touched Delicious

HTC touch screen capabilities in Legend not far adrift of the iPhone. This is certainly a compliment to be separate because the best touch screen mobile phone the ability is still there in the ranks of the iPhone from Apple.

In its product, wrap the HTC Google Android operating system with the User Interface UI is called Sense. Thus, users have a seven-Home Screen that can be regulated according to requirement.

Every Home Screen can be filled with widgets that have a specific purpose. For example, widgets FriendStream can display information from your Facebook account, Twitter, Flickr and many other social networking sites in one view.

In addition to the widget, users can also put icons into an existing application in the Android phone. If used properly, this could facilitate users access applications that are often used or needed.

Offal: Not the Most racing

Legend has used the processor 600MHz capability, an increase compared to the HTC Hero which only 528 MHz but is still 'less' than 1GHz class that started the latest generation of smart phones reached. However, in practice, this processor's performance did not disappoint.

Plus 384MB RAM, HTC Legend is actually quite agile in carrying out everyday tasks. However, like most phones Android, 'curse' multi-tasking will be felt as the number of applications that run.

Battery, SIM card and the memory card on HTC Legend can be accessed through the back with a lid that opens at the bottom of the body HTC Legend. Once the lid is open, there was one 'door' more to be opened to access all of it.

Legend HTC Battery power was spelled out well. In testing for more than five days, the battery lasted an average of 80-10 hours on normal usage. In addition to telephone and SMS, this includes web access via WiFi, running multiple applications and games also play multimedia files.

Application: Abundant from Android Market

HTC Software Legend congenital enough to meet the basic needs of savvy mobile users. Social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter and Plurk is available even evident.

Default browser on the HTC Legend is also quite good. Some capabilities already provided by HTC for this browser, including zooming by pinching motion and browse multiple web pages simultaneously.

Legend HTC browser can be used to access the Adobe Flash content from Internet sites. However, the quality of Flash that appears simply 'can perform' and not a full-featured as the desktop computer.

Obviously, the most interesting part of an Android phone is the availability of the Google Android Market applications. This is an application center in the style of his Apple iTunes AppStore that provides a variety of applications for mobile phones.

Various applications can be obtained via the Android Market, and since HTC Legend already using Android 1.2 will arguably almost all applications have no problem running on this device.

Touch screen + good use
+ Bodi comfortably held, unsightly
+ Application abundant from Android Market

- Not all applications intuitive
- Receipts not consistent wifi signal


* Processor: 600MHz Qualcomm
* Memory: 384MB RAM, 512MB ROM, microSD up to 32GB
* Camera: 5MP, LED light, video 640x480
* Connectivity: 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS
* Multimedia: FM radio, digital music (AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, MP3, WAV, WMA) and digital video (3GP, 3g2, MP4, WMV)


In general, the HTC Android phone Legend is a good use. Performance is adequate, though not the most racing in the market, makes this phone quite comfortable as a daily supplement.

The availability of applications through the Android Market also makes this phone worth as an alternative to its iPhone family of Apple. HTC touch screen capabilities let alone spelled Legend able to compete with iPhone family.

Some of the constraints faced by detikINET is the ability to capture WiFi signal was not ideal. Sometimes, compared to other devices connected to WiFi in the same area, the HTC Legend has a worse reception. The choice, use of cellular telecommunications services with Unlimited data package.

HTC Legend marketed with USD 5.7 million price range. Which is quite a premium price is still cheaper than the iPhone 3GS (official). But for buyers who really 'maniac', better wait for the HTC Desire to be signed in Indonesia in June 2010 on this.

In the end, this phone may just carry the name Legend. Although that is a 'sunset' by newer devices, HTC Legend will still have a place at the heart of legendary Android users.

in his translation of detikINET

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