Spam Back in the World Cup 'heats up'

Kick-off World Cup 2010 South Africa is a month away apparently started to heat up again activity of the circulation of junk email (spam) in cyberspace.

Institution security Trend Micro said, an attack spam a new kind of start is detected with a frill party grand football four annual.

Jovi Umawing, from the Department of Technical Trend Micro said, spam is equipped with an attachment. Pdf file which says that the email recipient has won the lottery world cup.

Then to be able to get the prize that was promised, he was asked to submit personal data to an email the sender.

Well, here was the threat began to worry. Therefore, the data privacy of Internet users could be misused. Do not be fooled.

"There also got an email on behalf of Vice President of FIFA, named Geoff Thompson. This is also an old trick," he continued.

Trend Micro's own first detected the threat of cyber-related world cup ie in 2009. At the time of Internet users is said to also have won the lottery online.

"Users should be aware of various scams like this, do not be fooled," concluded Umawing.

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