Mystery 'River' in the Sea of Mexico

Sungai Dalam Laut Mexico

Rivers in the sea. It is not scientifically possible. A diver, Anatoly Beloshchin, take a picture 'of the river in the sea' from the depth of 60 meters water cenote Angelita, Mexico.

As reported by, at a depth of more than 30 yards a team of divers to find fresh water in the middle of the ocean water column. Conditions changed and divers returned to find the sea water began to pass 60 meters depth.

A few yards from the site will find a cave. At the bottom of the cave diving team discovered a river complete with trees and leaves that float in the water column.

It turned out that location is not the river, as seen on the mainland. However, the atmosphere was like a river complete with a layer of such colored water slightly brown.

But wait, it's not brown fresh water comes from. Mentioned, like the brown river water is the bottom layer of hydrogen sulfide gas. Gas is usually produced from sewage.

Overall, the team's divers found the conditions very surprising and amazing to look at.

"In the depths of 60 meters I found the water again. I saw a river, island, complete with falling leaves. But the river that we see is a layer of hydrogen sulfide gas," said Anatoly.

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