Luwak Coffee Gift from SBY, So Awesome in Australia

Mass media in Australia was discussed by the-by Kopi Luwak from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to "mates" of his Prime Minister (PM) Kevin Rudd.

As a journalist reported Lubis Z antv Union of Sydney, Australia, two days ago when the media reported the gift exchange between SBY and Kevin Rudd, a TV presenter with a bit ignorant comment, "Well, Rudd could make 'crappuchino' from the coffee gift.

Presenter at the next laugh. They reported that the Kopi Luwak coffee is produced by a type of metabolic process of digestion Luwak, a type of Badger who lives in the forest, and is now maintained by coffee producers to produce the best coffee beans through the digestive process.

Luwak Coffee gift from SBY, So Awesome in Australia

Simply put, a smart vote Luwak coffee beans mature seeds were eaten, then collect the beans producers who came out with dirt Luwak. Coffee is known as the most expensive coffee in the world.

At a mall in Jakarta, for example, the price of a cup of Kopi Luwak can be three times more coffee. The story about the gift of coffee was not stopped.

This includes media day quarantine issues that arise from the prize. Since January and the Office of Public Inspection and Quarantine (AQIS) Australian tightening entry rules for processed coffee, especially coffee produced by the digestive process of animals.

Specifically referred to as an example of this is Kopi Luwak! Well! The reason, products that contain potentially infectious diseases or exotic diseases. Therefore, these products can not enter Australia without permission of AQIS.

An official in charge of the office of PM Rudd to make sure the gift from SBY still wrapped and should be checked AQIS. "There's no exception even though it was a gift from the head of state," said the official.

Given Mr Rudd also gave a gift of Melbourne wooden guitar with grafir "SBY", then, should also be examined guitar quarantine Indonesia. Who knows with the disease potential of Australian timber?

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  1. Kopi luwak memang enak, cuma harganya tidak enak (mahal)

  2. hmm ..... blogwalking ditemani secangkir kopi luwak, nikmat!

  3. kopi luwak kopi apaan sih mo...
    apa beda ya ma kopi yang laen?

  4. @Bintang: jiahahhah... ga baca artikelnya ya??? masak ga tw Kopi Luwak????

  5. kopi ? aku suka itu. minimal 1x sehari "harus" ada kopi. kopi luwak enak x ya?