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Have several blogs, social networks 3 accounts and hundreds of photos on Flickr, but you do not have a web site or personal? You can try an application made by

Simply to say aggregator that collects a variety of accounts owned by users, ranging from blogs to social networks, together in one place and added the artistic touch, whether it be photos or other designs, without having to own or build their own web.

Some Internet users are still relatively new user, usually eager to try some web-based applications, and integrate all these links in your account social networks like LinkedIn or facebook. One of the weaknesses it only displays the link.

In addition there are also some Internet savvy who do not have a site or personal web pages, although they have some content that is spread across several application service providers with a theme different. Of the various reasons and possible strategy is also why they do not have a personal web page. could be one answer to this user bari. The ease in which it has created an account and manage the content and attractive design are some of the advantages offered

You just have to their site and register, then began to arrange your personal pages. You can click Settings, and began to manage your profile, then choose what application services will you collect on your personal pages.

Currently there are about 15 services that could in the aggregasikan, from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger, Wordpress, LinkedIn,, Flickr, Godreads, Netflix, YouTube, Foursquare, Etsy, and RSS. Click the service you want added to your account, the contents of a complete description of the link or address of your account on the service to be added. For example you will add the stream from your blog, click the Blogger logo, the contents of your blog URL address, and click the add service, and the stream of your blog can be enjoyed through your So also for other services. Simple as that.

Cool Aggregator With

If you have finished adding services that you have, you begin to manage the aesthetic elements of your account Click the Design menu in the Settings tab, then selected a layout you like, then your account background, which can be filled with photos or JPG image. You can also set the alignment of the position of your image. In addition you can also adjust the color of your account also typeface.

Is aggregator which means collecting various links from various other services into one temapat. An interesting link in the show is not only limited to the links course, but the shape of streams, so let's say you add a link from a blogger account, then the stream writings from your blog can be enjoyed directly on your account, as well as photographs, other users to enjoy photos ibisa Your overall.

Convenience is the main, as indeed it aggregator is a feature that should be the focus. Some of the shortcomings that I see are problems share. For example there are no links to share or address the content the user to Twitter, but it's because only functions as a stream only, then you could not comment on existing content, but links the content source is available so you can directly address the source content.

Address public domain for users is a bit long and hard to remember, but if you want a unique domain name of your choice, and statistical data as well as several other premium services, you can pay $ 20 for a year, and you'll enjoy the services that are not obtained with account free. treat my own as a virtual card that is more complete, not as focused as LinkedIn is the text and social networks, can be added aesthetic effects such as simple design and of course can be more fully display the content of the various services I follow in one place. also provides directory page that can make your taste changes when you are not interested to try this service. Page directory can be found here, and to register to be in this link.

It has many similar service that also offers its own advantages, but the ease of installation or initial operation as well as aesthetic elements of a simple but attractive enough, can become its own advantages. How do you think, if you are interested to try, or if you've tried it you can share your opinion on the comments column and do not forget to see that I made here.

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