Jenny Cortez | Photo Jenny Cortez

Section artists Jenny Cortez, Cortez Jenny's name may be a few days ago and today probably is still a controversy because jenny hot photos Photos Cortez was circulating in cyberspace and the time in the film Bride Falls defeated Jenny also not sexy and daring in a bikini, not inferior to Bikini Tamara Blezensky.
Exciting photos of Jenny Cortez had scattered in cyberspace who reportedly came from a lost mobile phone from his hand, he also briefly famous in 2009 as rumored close to magician Deddy Corbuzier.
After the film Bride waterfall, and the controversy syurnya photos, nude photos adorn Jenny Cortez internet again. This time the photo was taken while filming his latest movie in the Movie Ghost Hunters even he and lawyers who seek to spread and want to sue him.
Jenny Cortez early career Starting from the world model, then Jenny Cortez began widely known. From the model, he began reaching the soap opera and film. In personal relationships, Jenny had suffered in love with one of the locations of ATP players, Andrew Ralph Roxburgh, but this relationship was apparently not continued. Because Jenny is currently close to Ferry Ardiansyah soap opera star.

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