Sean Bean's, 'Harry Potter' Questions In Today's Twitter-Wood

Sean Bean's, 'Harry Potter' Questions In Today's Twitter-Wood

Sean Bean's, 'Harry Potter' Questions In Today's Twitter-Wood ~ Sean Bean is actually possessing one particular bejesus of an few days. Because in the event his / her breathtaking submit modern occurrence connected with "Game of Thrones" had not been plenty of for any gentleman, Bean appeared to be also reportedly stabbed in the equip throughout a club altercation before in the few days. Nonetheless never sob for any erstwhile Master connected with Winterfell; of age Bill rapidly shrugged heli-copter flight episode, returned in the club in addition to obtained themselves any pint. Bean's handling in the circumstance is actually receiving plenty of exclusive higher fives within modern release connected with Twitter-Wood.

There's a lot more news flash lurking within the online movies breathing space right now, certainly: iconic newsman Larry Full offers released the call with regard to "Harry Potter" questions with regard to the next CNN unique, even though Judd Apatow offers a good replace to the rank connected with his / her up coming movie.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for June 14, 2011.

Sean Bean Rules, Part 1: @DanaBrunetti It's getting a bit too literal now “@TheWrap: Game of Moans: Sean Bean Stabbed in London!”
-Dana Brunetti, producer ("The Social Network")

Sean Bean Rules, Part 2: @BigBoyler 'I'm fine pet, stop fussin', just let me finish my pint of molten lava and then I'll head to the ER' - Sean Bean post bar brawl.
-Chris O'Dowd, actor ("Bridesmaids")

Sean Bean Rules, Part 3: @KatzMoney Hell of a week for Sean Bean. Keep it going, 006.
-Jeff Katz, producer ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine")

"Potter" Questions: @kingsthings Harry Potter fans! My next CNN special will be on the final film. What questions do you have for Daniel, Emma & Rupert about the movies?
-Larry King, television host ("Larry King Live")

Apatow's Big Plans: @JuddApatow Two weeks till shooting begins. Holy s---. It is an exercise in control, preparation and letting go so I can let something else happen.
-Judd Apatow, director ("Knocked Up")

"Green Lantern" Speculation @ManMadeMoon So Green Lantern coming out this week, I believe... Big hit or piece of ship it to me on Netflix? Excited for it?
-Duncan Jones, director ("Moon")

And Now You Know: @jonmchu Cobras are real.
-Jon Chu, director ("G.I. Joe 2")

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