adiZero Crazy Light, Lightest Basketball Shoes

adiZero Crazy Light, Lightest Basketball Shoes. The he likes to play basketball? You can reward adiZero Crazy Light, the lightest basketball shoe released by Adidas is.

This shoe weighs only 9.8 ounces (about 278 grams), which means 15 percent lighter than male basketball shoes mid-cut size 9. This shoe is claimed to be able to help players move faster so that in the field, because it only uses a lightweight material, having high flexibility, and durable.

adiZero Crazy Light Shoes that are developed over two years using a revolutionary technology called Sprintweb exoskeleton with a thickness of less than 1 mm, and bound with nylon textiles are able to reduce weight and increase strength. The material presented is able to provide vertical and horizontal forces to provide optimum support to the players at every cutting movement.

adiZero Crazy Light

Sprintframe external heel counter and Torsion System and then combined in order to reduce the maximum weight, able to restore energy, and motion control. Each eyelet shoe has the durability and robust network to support the players when making movement difficult. Uppers are made of nylon, so it can reduce the weight and gives the player comfort of the air cavity to nearly 360 degrees.

adiZero Crazy Light traction system has a varying thickness to ensure maximum grip while in high perimeter zone, becoming thinner and lighter while at the lower perimeter zone as midfoot. adiZero Crazy Light also has a longitudinal groove in the heel and forefoot to provide support during extreme pieces that sit on the front foot.

adiZero Crazy Light Shoes is available in four colors, including bright blue / white black / red / white abu-abu/hijau bright and red / white starting June 10, 2011. These shoes will also be available in six additional colors in September 2011. Do not have time to shop? Message only in (adiZero Crazy Light, Lightest Basketball Shoes)

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