Nikon D7000 with HD Video

Nikon D7000 with HD Video and 39 Focal Point

Nikon D7000 with HD Video and 39 Focal Point ~ Nikon D7000 is more targeted to serious photographers who indulge hobby of photography with a line of upscale features. Just a week was released, this camera is already in position 2 on Amazon’s best-selling camera. In its official release, Nikon Inc. introduced the D7000 digital SLR camera to photographers who want a compact, robust, but also have high performance. Photo technology improved, video recording features 1080p full HD (High Definition) with full autofocus added. However, limited price USD1.200 (body-only) and USD1.500 with 18-105mm kit lens.

Nikon D7000 uses magnesium alloy body material and adding some metal to keep the resistance under various conditions. This camera body is similar cursory D90 with a special key differences for live-view and the movie (as D3100). As the successor to the D90, D7000 do get a lot of upgrades. First, the 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor use is claimed to work effectively in low light conditions.

EXPEED 2 Image processing engine apart so D7000 flagship facility 39 point AF system. 3D RGB Matrix Metering System 2.016 most recent pixel qualified to maintain the quality of pictures in various shooting modes. “D7000 create new classes for Nikon cameras with quality, control, and innovative features,” beber Lisa Osorio, General Manager of Marketing Nikon Inc. “When users combine D7000 with Nikkor lenses and accessories, photographers and filmmakers will get a tremendous benefit,” he said.

39 facilities are so reliable focal point is very useful for photographers in determining the focus of its object. Whether it’s to do photos with high speed and focus to emphasize certain parts. Photographers can also enable dynamic activate the menu or single point AF, which can be configured in a combination of 9 and 21, 39, or 21. The most practical is the 3D tracking facility where the focus will continue to follow the subject in 39 AF points.

To help photographers, Scene Recognition System to read the data from 2.016 pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix metering sensor to determine the level of brightness, color, and pencahayaan.Rentang ISO 100-6400 makes users more confident to take pictures in low light. ISO cans Also be push up to 25.600.

Full 1080p HD Video D7000 hardly any different from a regular camcorder you can capture this gunakan.Kamera 1080p HD video camera with autofocus and manual exposure control. Auto focus function can also be arranged, for example to detect up to 35 faces, subject tracking, normal, or wide area. Options ratesnya resolution and frame in accordance with user needs. Can choose 1080p (like cinema) 24 fps, web-friendly 720p or standard 24 and 30 fps.

Nikon D7000 with HD Video
Price: $1,199.95Nikon D700 12.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Once the recording process could take at least 20 minutes. After recording, users can also directly edit and merge clips on the camera. If you want maximum results, sound can be recorded via stereo microphone input. Interestingly again, there are two card slots on the D7000. This allows the user to separate the video with images. For example between the raw jpeg files, or record for two separate cards simultaneously for memory backup directly. D7000 already support SD, SDHC, and SDXC. For convenience in viewing the photos or video, Nikon presented by 3-inch LCD with a resolution tinggi.Nikon also introduced two new lenses are a 35mm lens, f/1.4 and 200mm telephoto lens, f / 2. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER Nikon D7000

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