Bear Blu Jarecki

Sensational, it's probably an appropriate word to describe the people among celebrities, it also made ​​Alicia Silverstone who just gave birth on Thursday last week.

I do not know what is the meaning and intention, actress Alicia chose the name Bear Blu Jarecki for his first son with husband, Christopher Jarecki, who is a musician.

Bear Blu Jarecki

Alicia wrote in his blog that he was happy, but he did not tell him what inspired him to give names to their children.

"The three of us love each other," writes Alicia about her newborn, who weighed 7lb., 15 0z (equivalent to 3.24 kg). "I'm very grateful to this community for all the love, support, prayer and the vibration of happiness that you have submitted while during my pregnancy ... it was very beautiful."

Actress and musician tie their love in marriage in June 2005 after eight years of dating.

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