Seal Online Guide, Leveling, Evo Rare Pets

Seal Online Guide, Leveling, Evo Rare Pets

Hello Citizen of Shiltz.. As a beginner in the game Seal Online course we need a guide to play this game Seal Online. Whether it be leveling guide and manual skills of each character in the game Seal Online. Latest characters in the game Seal Online Eternal Destiny is the Hunter character, of course, the most recent guide to the characters Seal Online gaming has not been widely available on the internet. But do not be confused, I found a blog guide to play this game Seal Online, this blog is managed by a Duo Smith, a guide in his blog as interesting, not only leveling guide and skill but there are also tips and tricks evo rare pet. Interesting is not it? Please try to visit the blog Duo Smith here ==> Seal Online Guide

Oh yeah.. if you already know what that game Seal Online? Seal online is a game of this type of fantasy game 3D games with a very neat appearance. This adventure game like a colorful fantasy world and can meet with other friends throughout in the world. In fact, this game could be a game that comes with social networking. Chat available with good facilities. Seal online game player character is very funny, cute is cute. Even so, every player can do battle with the players, other monsters to death. Every victory in the battle without doing the cheat will increase the value and strength of character and appearance more beautiful.

Facilities games that make players feel at home such as: fishing, get a girlfriend online virtual (not real), pet (pet), ceting (chat), forming online communities and offline, set up shop, a power struggle with fantasy storylines and make friends who do not forgotten.

The background story begins 7000 years ago when humans and live in peace in the world Bale Shiltz. Peace is shattered and there was a battle won by the man with the hold / sealing / locking (seal) Bale in an other dimension. A seal retaining time dimension that can be solved and open and there was a big battle. Seal characters assigned players to return to the past into the dimensions and find out the history of warfare. The primary mission of the players is to find ways and lock / hold / sealing (seal) of Bale to another dimension of the world SHILTZ. The bottom line dunis Shiltz peace is in the hands of players.

A very interesting game in my opinion, and I was interested to play it, now has entered a week I play the game Seal Online Eternal Destiny, Ramos server, character name Datuk [Craftsman]. Later I will also share tips, tricks, fast leveling, and rare pet evolution from my experience, hopefully the blog Seal Online Guide proclaim that benefit to Citizen of Shiltz

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