Vent Rick Santorum's 'Google Problem'

Rick Santorum has a serious problem with Google, try typing your keyword "Rick Santorum" in the column Google search, what do you find? At the top of search results is no name Rick Santorum from / wiki / Rick_Santorum but what comes after the first order it?

Santorum said Santorum explained about (sexual neologism) a definition graphics to a new word sex, which beracuan to anal sex, so Rick Santorum has a problem with Google. Rick Santorum can only hope the voters are not too beracuan Google to find out about Rick Santorum.

He is the former Pennsylvania Senator Might be well-known on Capitol Hill, but his name more regularly produces blank stares in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, if recent polling is any guide. The likely, the Republican presidential candidate knows he needs to expand his name identification.

The problem results keyword searches Rick Santorum has been going on since 2003, Pls gay sex-advice columnist Dan Savage sought to mock Santorum's comments on homosexuality. Then the third-most-powerful Republican in the Senate, Santorum toll the Associated Press April That gay sex That Could "undermine the fabric of our society." The interview Touched on a Supreme Court case related to sexual privacy, and Santorum compared homosexual acts to allowing for "man on child, man on dog" relationships.

Political world is cruel, Come on Rick Santorum .. you can ... tetepa spirit ... Hopefully Google's hear your complaint and take sides with you, O The Senator Rick Santorum.

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