Know The Love Compounds

Not a few people who choose to partner with the reason because of "chemistry" of his matches. Actually, what indeed is a chemical compound that can grow the seeds of love in one's heart?

Linkages between an arranged marriage with these chemical compounds have been found since 50 years ago when researchers Germany, Adolf Betendandt, find pheromones, chemical compounds released animals to attract a partner. The animals that have been studied and is believed to have pheromone include amoeba, hamsters, moths, elephant, fish, lobster, rabbit, ants, and monkeys.

Meaning pheromones are compounds secreted by one individual and received by other individuals in the same species. Reactions that occur in the opposite sex is very typical, one of which is behavior change, from casual to be "intoxicated"

What about humans? The experts are still researching but so far they are pretty sure that if the glands in the human body also issued a distinctive odor. The aroma is unique among individuals is also believed to be a kind of sex appeal.

Some investigators also emphasized that the nature of pheromones in humans may not be as similar compounds in animals. Humans have a very good visual abilities and highly influential in creating interest in the opposite sex. That's why human sex appeal does not depend entirely on the pheromones, unlike in animals.

Love Hormone

If the existence of pheromones is still controversial, it is different with the hormones in our body. Studies show, when someone looked at her lover, dopamine will stimulate certain parts of the brain, giving rise to the strength, joy and happiness.

According to Helen Fisher, PhD, professor of anthropology Rutgers University and author of Why We Love, something thrilling moments with the couple will trigger the production of the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones will also boost testosterone in the nervous system that increases sexual desire.

Other researchers showed that the chemical disorder of the body is evident when someone falls in love. For example it was found that serotonin levels of people who are obsessed and her lover 40 percent lower levels of serotonin than normal people.

Other hormones that are often associated with love is oxytocin. According to studies, people who are loyal to their partners until the grandparents usually have a high hormone oxytocin. The hormone oxytocin is also released by the body when a mother breastfeeding her baby.

Efficacy of the hormone oxytocin has been used by the experts to sell their product which is claimed to enhance the flavor of love. Oxytocin-containing products sold with the claim will make the person wearing it look more attractive oxytocin in the eyes of her partner.

In men and women turned out to love these hormones work differently. These hormones will make a woman want to care for and nurture their babies and make them become a strong bond.

In contrast to the male hormone testosterone in their body makes oxytocin levels decreased. That's why their parenting instincts are not as strong as women.

At the moment we feel the pleasure of orgasm, the body will release serotonin. Together with dopamine, serotonin works to increase arousal. Moreover, serotonin also helps regulate appetite and sleep patterns, improve mood, and increase the ability of withstand the pain.

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