Obama Speech In Indonesia

Obama Speech In Indonesia

Barack Obama's speech and American Interests. Obama emphasizes three things for Indonesia: development, democracy. and religious beliefs. Ending a short stay - less than 24 hours in Jakarta, President of the United States, Barack Obama gives a lasting impression on the University of Indonesia on Wednesday, November 10, 2010. In front of about 7,500 invitations, and maintenance of super tight, riveting speech of public in attendance.

Obama arrived at the University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java on at 9:20 in the morning. Without ceremony, blaring applause when Obama appeared from the side of the stage, and walked to the podium. He waved his hand, and smiled broadly to the audience who waited since early 0600.

"Good morning, hello, hello prosperous" said Obama opened his speech. Applause was long since greeting echoed in the Indonesian language it. Obama seemed to want to kill the distance between him and the audience, and also the Indonesian people who watched the speech on television.

A number of Indonesian leaders present listened to the speech, among others, former President BJ Habibie, Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Mallarangeng, National Education Minister M Nuh, and the Minister of Women Linda Gumelar.

In addition it also shows prominent businessmen such as Hary Tanoesoedibjo, Minister of Manpower Muhaimin Iskandar, and Adhyaksa Dault. Also seen Obama as friends in elementary school Assisi, Menteng Dalam.

Which was witnessed on almost a half hour speech, Obama appeared as a quite familiar with Indonesia. "Returning home, here," Obama said, amid applause that goes wild. The audience also cheered longer. Obama said, that Indonesia is a part of him. He then divides his childhood memories of living in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta. At that time, his mother Ann Dunham married Indonesian man, Lolo Soetoro. "As a boy I was stranded in a different world. However, people here make me feel at my own house, "said Obama recalled.

He was impressed with the friendliness, and sincerity of the people of Jakarta, which makes "a foreigner like me to be like neighbors." He is considering a number of details, which always made him fond memories Indonesia such as meatballs, and satay. With Obama's eloquent voice to demonstrate how the strains of satay call handyman who used to frequent passes in his home, in Menteng Dalam.

Three important things

In the speech, at least Barack Obama mentions three things that concern during his visit to Indonesia. Three things that are development, democracy, and religious beliefs. "Indonesia and America are interdependent. An example is the increase among middle-economy also means new markets for U.S. exports," said Obama.

In the matter of development, Obama said Indonesia and America have a strong relationship and depend on each other. Indonesia is also considered to play a major role in improving global economy.

According to Obama, Indonesia as a country member of the G20 has a responsibility to balance the world economy. "Indonesia should take the lead in the global economy and enhance transparency," she said.

In the matter of democracy, Obama admitted amazed with the changes that occurred during her leave Indonesia. He recounts his memories in 1967 when the Indonesian people overcome fear in voicing their aspirations. "In recent years, Indonesia has become a democratic country. This can be seen from the presidential and legislative elections and a vibrant civil society," Obama said.

Indonesia is considered also a country of religious tolerance is high. He exemplifies the mosques and churches built side by side. Prior to the University of Indonesia, Obama had visited the Istiqlal Mosque, as proof of serious intentions in dialogue with the Muslim world.

The move seems consistent with the speech he delivered in Cairo, known as the "Cairo Speech" when Obama visited Egypt some time ago. "Speech Depok" at the University of Indonesia, also reiterated the attitude of Obama, "who never make Islam as the enemy."

No matter Freeport

Meanwhile, Indonesian leaders responded in a variety of kunjugan and Obama's speech. "If you saw Obama's speech last night and in the UI (Universitas Indonesia) before, there is sincerity of both countries closer," said Pramono Anung at Parliament House, Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

Pramod unfortunate thing is Obama is not talking about technical stuff about American companies in Indonesia such as Freeport, and Cepu. According to Pramod, issue the company a contract model often a concern in Indonesia, and should contribute to the discussion agenda.

"It should be the next truly equal (equivalent). It really provides benefits at the time the contract works," said former Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Struggle this.

Pramono also reminded, the arrival of Obama not just because of the spirit of the 44th U.S. President had ever lived in Jakarta. "Obama can not be separated from private interests of the United States. Do not just look historically have lived in Indonesia," said Pramod added.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Marzuki Alie said every state visit, including the President of the United States, Barack Obama would bring the interests of his country. Furthermore, Marzuki stressed the importance of investment growth in Indonesia. "The important thing there is no intervention affairs respectively, as each President brings the interests of his country," he said.

Human resources

Former President BJ Habibie rate Obama's speech more offensive human resources (HR). Even Habibie judge Obama also talked about the importance of a combination of faith and piety (imtak) with science and technology (S & T). "A very interesting speech from beginning to end is about HR," Habibie said after Obama's speech at the UI. "He's also the story imtak and science and technology cooperation," he continued.

Obama, according to Habibie, emphasized the importance of democracy, development, and religion. Also, that in version Habibie, was considered as an example of merging Imtak and Science. "Imtak his religion and culture. Science is science. The speech had been concentrating on developing human resources must be improved. It works with the third element, the culture, religion, and science and technology," Habibie said.

In his speech at the University of Indonesia, Obama insisted the U.S. contribution to the success of the Indonesian people. For that, he wants an increase in cooperation with American scientists and researchers Indonesia, as well as cooperation in the area of entrepreneurship.

"I am personally satisfied that we managed to increase the number of American and Indonesian students who continue education at the university who is in both countries," said Obama.

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