Alexandria Mills Scandal Photo

Alexandria Mills Scandal Photo

NanLimo Today ~ Alexandria Mills Scandal Photo, Alexandria Mills just won the crown as Miss World 2010, has been buffeted by bad news. Citizens of the United States is reportedly sending photos with poses hot on his girlfriend.

In the photo, Alexandria Mills seemed photographing herself in a bathroom. Hot photo is then sent to his girlfriend on the spot. Not just photos, the picture is also posted on his girlfriend along with a message that is very personal. Suddenly, these photos directly into public attention. Mills considered stupid for doing so.

Parties Miss World and Mills have not provided information about these exciting photo scandal. Both Alexandria and its representatives still have not provided official information about the Miss World scandal 18 year old from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, this. Still, one foreign media have claimed that Mills hot photo is genuine.

Mills is not the first beauty contest winner hot photo scandal. Miss Russia 2009, Sophie Rudyeva had suffered a similar issue. Shortly after his coronation, he became a hot model for magazine Perfect 10.

There's also Miss California 2009, Carrie Prejean who had become the talk of the related media photographs challenge him as a teenager. And what about the Atiqah Hasiholan? whether he also will be involved?

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