Chavez Twitter Account Hacked

Many heads of state take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. No exception Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, 56. He uses Twitter to communicate the important message the government on its people. Unfortunately, since 22 September, Chavez's account in @ chavezcandanga not appear as usual. Allegedly some hackers penetrated her account (hackers).

"There were irregularities in the account since 22 September. At least three messages in @ chavezcandanga not written by President Hugo Chavez, "said El Aissami Tareck, Interior Minister of Venezuela, Sunday (26/9). According to El Aissami, the hackers are entering Chavez Twitter account without permission.

Currently, the disorder is being repaired, so the president can still send the message. Especially at night ahead of general elections to renew the National Assembly of Venezuela. Officials in Venezuela has requested the help of the United States (U.S.) to conduct an investigation. Every day Chavez received hundreds of messages on Twitter and has more than 850,000 followers.

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