TwitterPeek: Special Twitter Gadget

TwitterPeek: Special Twitter GadgetTwitterPeek: Special Twitter Gadget - Not satisfied with the client Twittter steady as UberTwitter in BlackBerry, Seesmic in Android, Gravity at Nokia? The first time created special gadgets to Twitter to create the Tweet-Holic with mobile devices called TwitterPeek. Of course this gadget could not be used for phone, SMS, e-mail, browsing, music or anything other than tuit tuit.

This device uses Wi-Fi wireless connection and do not support the GSM. So, can certainly not very effective if marketed in Indonesia. But in his country, Uncle Sam, they were given a guarantee by the "Usable throughout the U.S. with a full Nationwide wireless coverage."

What reliable than TwitterPeek compared with smartphone devices with Twitter client application is that this TwitterPeek always on without having to refresh command. (Blogger News)

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