Samsung PL 90, Digital Camera with USB

Samsung PL 90, Digital Camera with USB

Samsung Electronics to bring a digital camera Samsung PL 90 1.2 mega-pixel which introduces a built-in USB connector to enable customers to take pictures and connect to the computer.

USB connector PL 90 integrated allows content to be shared with friends and family quickly and easily, with plug and play facilities, including the installation software automatically Intelligence studio, and quick access to a computer via USB.

In addition the user PL 90 does not have to worry about running out of batteries thanks to the USB connector that allows users to recharge the battery without additional cable outlet.

"We want customers to enjoy the whole experience of photographing through PL90, with the ability to capture, connect, and share photos instantly and can even do it in a state of motion," said Sangjin Park, president of Samsung's Digital Imaging Division, through its official statement on Tuesday (17 / 8 / 2010).

In addition, Samsung introduces new technology PL90 Smart Auto (pictures & movies) that allows consumers to take perfect pictures in any condition. Innovation PL90 also introduced Samsung Perfect Portrait System which includes several modes to help users take better photos.

In addition, PL90 introduce features Smart Albums that smart and cutting edge. Smart Albums enable users to quickly find images without having to search one by one through each photo but will automatically adjust the camera's content so that users can search for photos by date, time and even color.

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