Rumah Aspirasi that Money Politics

Rumah Aspirasi

Rumah Aspirasi - Political observers Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Ikrar Nusa Bhakti of the opinion the Government has committed a political form of money if the house approve procurement aspirations for each member of Parliament in their respective regions.

"For me, I do not agree if it was approved by the Government, it was again on the House political money or DPD to power is not contested," said the Pledge on the sidelines of a seminar LIPI "Building Houses Indonesia, impartial Own Nation" on Tuesday (03/08/2010).

According to the Pledge, members of Parliament do not need a house to accommodate the aspirations of people in the region. According to him, the public can express their aspirations in other ways such as through a preacher or a parliament. "The eye with the House Legislative chain should not break. There is no area you are my area, because this area of the unity of Indonesia," he said.

Even if such people should meet directly with members of Parliament, meetings can be conducted in the buildings that have been available in areas without the need to construct a new building. "Can also through the website, as well as through Obama's website," said Pledge.

Earlier, the House of Representatives proposed the procurement of funds worth Rp 200 million for each House member's aspirations to build houses in their area. Housing aspirations to be like a house of the complaint is believed to be able to glue the relationship of people with his deputy.

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