Rossi Ke Ducati, Yamaha Merana?

Rossi Ke Ducati

Valentino Rossi pindah ke Ducati? Yah hal itu telah dapat dipastikan ketika di hari pertama hengkangnya Rossi dari Yamaha langsung di komfirmasi bawah The Doctor itu akan bersama Ducati di tahun 2011. Pihak Ducati pun membenarkan, "Kami dengan senang mengumumkan bahwa Valentino Rossi akan bersama kami dari 2011," komentar Presiden Ducati Motor Holding Gabriele Del Torchio. Hal ini memecahkan rumor yang berkembang, kemana Rossi di tahun 2011?.

After the Czech Republic MotoGP, Yamaha announced would split the season with Rossi at the end of 2011. Announcements made via a press release it all at once would end seven years of their togetherness.

Approximately 30 minutes later, as reported by Crash, comes another announcement of Ducati. They confirmed Rossi will start in cooperation with the season since 2011.

"We are pleased to announce that Valentino Rossi will be with us from 2011," commented the President of Ducati Motor Holding, Gabriele Del Torchio.

Del Torchio said that Rossi, with all its accomplishments is the appropriate figure for Ducati who also wants to become benchmarks of excellence. Moreover, Rossi and Ducati equally from Italy.

"In addition to the desires and intentions of both sides, an agreement was made possible with the full support of the commitment of the shareholders and sponsors associated with the Marlboro Ducati team," added Del Torchio.

Rossi is currently still with Yamaha until the end of the season and still be rivals Ducati. However, the Ducati camp itself was eager to work closely with the MotoGP World Championship six times that.

"Valentino is a motorcycle buff so it will always be fun to hear his opinions," said General Director of Ducati Corse Filippo Preziosi.

"Until the Valencia MotoGP, he remains a contender, but when he was racing for the first time for Ducati shoulder to shoulder we'll be working on every detail to make a motor capable of maximizing the amount of talent. Cooperated with Valentino was one of the most interesting thing for the technicians and fun once knew it will have a chance next season, "he explained. Akhirnya Rossi Ke Ducati

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  1. aduhhh ko pindah siiii....aku suka banget kalau rossi menggunakan kuda besi yang berbuntut SEMAKIN DI DEPAN ITU AKU jadi aku g niat lagi beli motor YAMAHA...tolong dong jgn sampe pindah

  2. jadi kalau memang benar rossy pindah ke ducati maka semakin berat pesaingnya apalagi bekerja sama dengan stoner.ya kan.