1 cm Penile Size Due to Shortened Cigarettes

1 cm Penile Size Due to Shortened Cigarettes

Besides causing heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, smoking can also affect male virility. Not only erectile dysfunction or impotence, cigarettes were also able to shorten the size of the penis. This finding is based on the results of a study conducted by researchers from Boston University School of Medicine of the 200 participants in male smokers. From the results of the study, smokers had an average of 1 cm shortening of the penis.

According to Dr. Salimpour, the negative effect of smoking on the penis as well as the influence of smoking on the liver. This is a blood vessel damage, which makes blood flow obstructed. Basically this is the effect of elastin, the connective tissue protein of elastic and allows tissues in the body to get back into shape after stretching or contraction. In this case, elastin affects the ability of penile erection.

Dr. Salimpour explained, elastin that can stretch like rubber. This is what happens to the penis as a result of increased blood flow. Smoking can damage the body's ability to do that, so that could affect the size of the penis and erectile ability. But researchers could not determine how many cigarettes can damage elastin and shorten the penis size.

According to him, this was due to the existing blood vessels in the penis is much smaller than the veins in the liver. Existing blood vessels in the liver measuring 1.5 mm, while the penile blood vessels 1 mm or smaller sized exactly 0.5 mm.

Not only the active smokers, Dr. Salimpour also explained that there is a possibility that the same thing could also happen in passive smokers. But it still needs further study. "Although the tobacco industry insisted its products, but the scientific facts against them," said Dr. Salimpour.

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