Tears of the Funeral Dye Fans Park Yong Ha

Tears of the Funeral Dye Fans Park Yong-Ha

Large family of actor Park Yong Ha, who died from hanging himself did not want to perform an autopsy on the body of a top Korean actor. They want to immediately hold a funeral for the actor. Actor's funeral was conducted on this day, Friday, July 2. Star's funeral series 'Winter Sonata' was also attended by a large family, friends, fellow artists and fans are also loyal to the handsome actor.

They want to give their last respects and also bring their loved ones to the final resting place. Similarly, as quoted from Allkpop.Com, Friday, July 2 2010.Prosesi funeral was held at 6:00 o'clock in the morning local time. Almost everyone who came to the event wearing all black. Apparent sadness radiating from their faces. In fact, the fans could not hold back his grief. Tears began to look on his face is a fan of the actor. Many times the fans were wiped his face with a broom tangan.Ayah Park Yong Ha who is suffering from stomach cancer also appear to be present at his son's funeral procession. The father was unable to restrain his grief.

She cried as the procession dimulai.Pemandangan the same look of an actor who is also the best friend of Park Yong Ha, So Ji Sub. So Ji Sub had never left her friend's body from the chanter 'Just For Yesterday' suicide was found and taken to a Seoul hospital St. Mary's Hospital from two days ago. After the take from the hospital, Park Yong Ha's body will pass through the three major television stations in Korea namely SBS, MBC and KBS. Then from there the body will be brought to the funeral home before cremation.

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