Isi Surat Presiden kepada Aktivis ICW

Isi Surat Presiden kepada Aktivis ICW

Isi Surat Presiden kepada Aktivis ICW. Tama S Langkun sang aktivis Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) yang mendapat kekerasan dari pihak tidak bertanggung jawab itu kini, Presiden SBY juga memberikan sepucuk surat. Dalam suratnya, Presiden menyatakan secara resmi telah mengutus Denny Indrayana untuk menjenguk Tama.

"As my sympathy and support to the Bung Tama who get violent from those who are not knights and irresponsible," the president said in his letter in Jakarta, Saturday (10/07/2010).

President in his letter also stressed there were still concerned parties easy to do "culture" of violence. Whatever the motive and whoever the perpetrators should be punished accordingly.

Furthermore, Yudhoyono praised the contribution of ICW Tama in particular and in general, which is quite persistent in the struggle to eradicate corruption and building good governance.

"As head of state and head of government I express my thanks and appreciation for it," he said. "Commitment and our task together. Let us synergize. Indeed, many who become our opponents, but the shows must go on. We should not fear the threat. Inshallah, God protect us all, "he added.

President in his letter also claimed to have instructed the Chief of Police in plenary cabinet meeting Thursday, July 8, to investigate cases of violence that hit Tama.

"I do not want us all teradu sheep. All parties have an important role and duties. Police vital, important KPK, AGO important, critical press, ICW is important, and all state institutions and government agencies. We must not collide with each other, it must be synergized and strengthened, "he said.

"This is my letter, may well soon mate Tama and recover. Let us all continue to strive to uphold a clean system, and continue to prevent and combat corruption in this country, "concluded the President.

As is known, Tama on Thursday, July 8 and then attacked by unidentified men while riding a motorcycle than to Kalibata Kemang, South Jakarta.

ICW activists concerned about the reports deal with suspicious account a number of generals was beaten and dibacok Police and should be treated in hospital Asri. Witnesses said the perpetrators try to stab the victim but failed because Avanza motorist who happened to pass by way of trying to help all players grazed. Perpetrator fled persecution and until now still not been caught.

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