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How to use Google Dynamic Feed

Google's Dynamic Feed now have we can use for our blog showing the latest articles from our blog. It also can display a certain themed articles that are considered necessary by Google and of course related to the theme of our blog.

Given Google's Dynamic Feed, we can also create beautiful from the feedburner headline animator. But this time I tried using Google's service is, Google's Dynamic Feed newer and different.

Here's how to use Google services Dynamic Feed:

1. Please click to go to Google Dynamic Feeds

Expression Feeds 2.Pada enter a description of the blog you'll take the article. If you enter the sport, then Google will automatically search for feeds, from blogs that most sports master keyword. You can enter multiple keywords at once by separating them with commas. I tried to enter the keyword NanLimo and it turns out Google is known NanLimo enough, so that the feed of this blog is taken. So blogs are not indiscriminate also be able to get this.

how to use Googles Dynamic Feed

3. Please press preview and if successful appears, please click the Generate Code to retrieve the code. You can install the gadget HTML.

You can see the results on: Blogger Indonesia NanLimo pages. Look at the bottom. Good luck and hopefully useful. Google Dynamic Feed, Gadget Latest News Specific Topic

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