Four Foods Liver Cleanser

Four Foods Liver Cleanser

Four Foods Liver Cleanser - Liver or heart is an organ that is often neglected his health. Whereas the liver is a tough job, because the 'responsible' in more than 500 different functions.

The functions include issuing toxins in the body, storing certain vitamins, controlling cholesterol and fat metabolism, and regulate hormones.

Every day you are exposed to pollutants and toxins, as a result of liver 'work hard'. Especially if you smoke and consume alcohol frequently. For that, help the liver work with clean food consumption following the multiply.

1. Drinking water taste lemon

Drinking enough water. Every now and then add the juice of one lemon into the water you drink. This can help the body to release toxins through the bowel movements and urine. Lemon can also stimulate the liver to produce bile to remove toxins.

2. Consumption of garlic and onion

Onion and garlic contain the phytonutrient that can break down fatty deposits in the body. As an added bonus, it can kill a healer nutrition viruses, bacteria and fungi and protects you against heart disease.

3. Vitamin C 1000 mg

The best way to meet nutritional needs while cleaning the liver is by consumption of vitamin C. Give your liver extra boost glutathione (a protein containing three essential amino acids).

4. Dandelion flower tea
Research in the 'Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism' finding, substance content in dandelion root can help to regenerate cells in the liver. You can get it by drinking dandelion tea regularly or dandelion supplements of 200 to 500 mg per day.

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