El Chupacabra: Blood-Sucking Dog

El Chupacabra: Blood-Sucking Dog

The Legend of El Chupacabra - Some researchers are investigating UFO sightings in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s received reports from local residents about the bizarre creatures that often resemble a dog attack and suck the blood of livestock. Precisely in March 1995 stated that eight sheep were found dead with three stab wounds to the chest of each. Not only that, all livestock were also found in the blood condition that had expired.

In 1975, actually also has reported the existence of a type of livestock killings in the small town of HSDPA. Killer creature called El Vampiro de HSDPA. Vampires of HSDPA.

The killings of livestock was initially suspected to be done by Satanists. But the killings continue to occur throughout Puerto rico and spread to the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Panama, the United States to Mexico. This shows that the perpetrators are not Satanists.

Chupacabra term first used by a comedian named Silverio Perez Puerto Rico. He referred to the Spanish word which means to suck and Chupar Cabra which means goat. The name comes because the cattle were killed and their blood sucked out most of the goats.

In July 2004, a rancher in San Antonio, Texas reported a creature resembling a dog that attacked their livestock. He called the killer "Elmendorf beast." However, DNA analysis by the University of California concluded that the animal was a coyote (wild dogs) with severe Ringworm disease.

In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow saw an animal attacking his livestock, and he said that the animal resembles a mix between a hairless dog, rat and kangaroo.

In April 2006, MosNews reported that the Chupacabra seen in Russia for the first time. The report mentions the existence of strange creatures that attack livestock and suck their blood. The next report came from a neighboring village who said that 30 sheep had been killed and their blood dry.

Mid-August 2006, Michelle O'Donnell of Maine, the United States reported the existence of a creature that "evil-looking" rodent-shaped with a canine found dead on the roadside. However, animal carcasses are eaten by vultures before they can be identified by experts.

In May 2007, some reports in national newspapers Columbia mentions the existence of more than 300 sheep were killed in the area Boyoca. Possibly by Chupacabra.

August 2007, Phylis Canion found a dead three creatures in Cuero, Texas. He took pictures and then cut off the head of one of them and store them in the fridge to be submitted to a laboratory for DNA analysis. A Mammolog named John Young estimated that the carcass is derived from the gray fox who suffered severe Ringworm (Surprisingly, it turns out so many animals that get ringworm!)

January 2008, Chupacabra reportedly seen in the province of Capiz in the Philippines. Some local residents believe that the Chupacabra has killed eight chickens. The owner of the chickens saw a dog like animal attacking his chickens.

August 2008, Deputy serif Dewitt County, Brandon Riedel filmed an animal that has not been identified on the streets Cuero, Texas with a camera on the dashboard of his car. The coyote-sized animals but has no hair at all. The creature also has a long snout, short front legs and long hind legs. Brandon's superiors, a sheriff Jode Zavesky believe that maybe it is one species of coyotes that have been identified by researchers at Texas State University in November 2007.

Although most people describe the Chupacabra has a shape like a dog, but some other testimony seemed different. Someone called Chupacabra has the form like reptiles, have a greyish-green skin, and the flow near the back of the neck to tail. Height of approximately 1 to 1.2 meters and standing or jumping like a kangaroo. According to one witness, who saw the creature could even jump up as high as six meters.

Because these creatures belong to the world kriptid, then it is comprehensible if the theory about the origin of these creatures vary greatly.

Some researchers connect the Chupacabra by gargoyles, creatures that are part of the history of Europe and linked with the evil spirit.

Some believe that the Chupacabra is the result of genetic mutation caused by the leaking of chemical constituents of America's secret laboratory in El Yunque a mountain in eastern Puerto Rico. Labs are known to experience some damage during a storm in the 1990s, just as the appearance of Chupacabra began to be reported. The U.S. military is known to have tested several chemicals in agricultural lands of Puerto Rico, all done without notice to local residents.

Another theory states that the Chupacabra is a giant vampire bat fossils-fossils have been found in South America.

Theories that make no sense among states that an alien pet Chupacabra is a creature who is independent. Some people claim that when they saw the Chupacabra, they also saw a UFO flying.

And another theory is the Chupacabra is not a real creature, but rather a product of superstition and imagination. Some theories about the Chupacabra

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