Yahoo shares acquisition ''

Yahoo shares acquisition ''

Yahoo! Acquisition Koprol - The whole day was a rumor that Yahoo purchased somersault on the internet is widespread, especially Twitter. It was not groundless because Yahoo is officially announcing the acquisition, yesterday.

The acquisition may not be uncommon for Yahoo because during the last few years American companies are diligent in mastering other companies. However, news of the acquisition somerset somerset is certainly surprising because the original company of Indonesia.

"Yahoo! Inc. today announced the acquisition of somerset. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia," was published by Yahoo Finance. Yahoo states joining somersault will enrich their social network-based services.

Somerset is a social networking service founded PT Skyeight Indonesia since 2008. Somerset users can use this service to share information, reviews, photographs, and other additional information about the location where users reported at the time. Mikrobloging service is similar, but with additional information and similar Foursquare, similar service from the U.S. are reportedly failed Yahoo acquisition.

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