Facebook and Zynga Build Five Year Partnership

Facebook and Zynga Games

Facebook and Zynga recently announced a five-year cooperation and expansion of the use of Facebook Credit Zynga games are Texas Holdem Poker, Farmville, Mafia Wars and others. Although some time ago but now have time to quarrel Zynga and Facebook have made peace, at least for now. Zynga had time to leave Facebook. Now the two companies were able to agree on the relationship a "strategic five years."

Facebook is one of the pioneers in opening their platform in 2007 and in just three years, tens of millions of Facebook users play the game from Zynga every day, such as Farmville and the World Café to Treasure Isle and Mafia Wars, "Zynga CEO Mark Pincus said in a press release . 'We are excited about Facebook a long-term commitment to social gaming, and Zynga, and look forward to working with them and other platform providers to bring the best social gaming experience for users around the world."

Although Zynga and Facebook currently bound together on at least five years into the future, do not expect to leave the company Zynga Zynga Live projects and other roads that will help grow more independent of social networking sites. We hear that the game developers are still slim for an independent project.

Another interesting part of this announcement is an extension of the use of Zynga's Facebook Credit, a virtual currency that the social network. Zynga and last debate on Facebook Facebook Credit initiative. As a platform for payments only on the site, Facebook will be cutting 30% of the revenue the publisher (which is the standard for cutting Facebook). Zynga certainly try to negotiate for lower cutting Facebook. Negotiations between the two were "strong," according to our sources, with Facebook Zynga threatening to close the game altogether.

It is not clear what are the details for a new agreement and, if successful in reducing the percentage Zynga Facebook but surely this new partnership should bring in more revenue FaceBook, considering Zynga is the cash cow for virtual goods. According to sources, Zynga able to win some concessions, the company walks away happy with the deal.

See the release below:
Facebook and Zynga announced today that they have entered into a five-year strategic relationship that increases their shared commitment to social gaming on Facebook and expands use of Facebook Credits in Zynga’s games. The agreement provides a solid foundation for both companies to continue to work together to provide millions of people with a compelling user experience for social games.

“Facebook was a pioneer in opening their platform in 2007 and in just three years tens of millions of Facebook users play our games everyday, from FarmVille and Cafe World to Treasure Isle and Mafia Wars,” said Mark Pincus, founder and chief executive officer at Zynga. “We are excited about Facebook’s long-term commitment to social gaming and Zynga, and look forward to working with them and other platform providers to bring the best social gaming experience to users worldwide.”

“We are pleased to enter into a new agreement with Zynga to enhance the experience for Facebook users who play Zynga games,” said Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook. “We look forward to continuing our work with Zynga and all of our developers to increase the opportunities on our platform.”

Zynga is currently testing Facebook Credits in select games and will expand to more titles over the coming months. Terms of the agreement between Facebook and Zynga were not disclosed.

Hopefully their cooperation - Zynga and Facebook mutually beneficial and useful to the users of both.

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